1. I just placed my order, but another MeVidi/Gift caught my eye! Can you switch my order to a different MeVidi/Gift for me?
Yes, of course! Please contact us and we’ll fix it for you. Just email support@MeVidi.com.

2. My order has processed and/or shipped. Can I cancel it? Can I change my MeVidi/Gift?
Our desire is to fully accommodate each situation and every customer request. However, once an order ships, we can’t make these kinds of changes. Due to the fact that the product is personalized/perishable and must travel to your door, it is not possible for us to cannot refund or cancel orders after the date of shipment. However, if you find that your recipient may not be available to accept the package, it is possible for us to use FedEx to request a reroute to a new address. Again, our goal is to provide the best service possible.

3. Where do you ship?
MeVidi does ship to all 50 states. While we currently do not ship to any international markets, these changes may be happening in the near future.

1. Does a person need to personally accept the delivery?
MeVidi currently offers one delivery option – No Signature Required. Upon occasion, we can change the delivery option to Signature Required. 
Please note: If “No Signature Required” is selected, FedEx may not leave a box if the area is deemed not secure. A signature is always required for business and bulk shipments.

2. If it possible to have flowers delivered sooner than 6 days from now?
Yes, this is possible. We offer overnight delivery from Nevada if an order is placed before 1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST.

3. Do you guarantee delivery on specific dates?
Yes, please simply specify a particular delivery date and we will do our best to match that exact date. However, because we ship using FedEx and do not directly control their operations, we cannot “guarantee” delivery on a specific date. In addition to us not being able to control FedEx’s operations, there are always unexpected circumstances that can interfere.

4. Why can’t I order for Sunday delivery?
Since FedEx does not ship on Sundays, we can’t arrange Sunday delivery.

5. How can I provide special instructions for delivery?
Feel free to go customize your delivery at fedex.com/us. You’ll see the tracking number provided in the shipping confirmation email. Just click “Customize Delivery.”

6. My order didn’t arrive exactly when I expected it to. Can I have a refund or something else for free?
FedEx is in sole control of your package once it has left our distribution center. Typically, FedEx delivers exactly as planned. If a delivery is a few hours off or a day early, we do not provide refunds. If we happen to be late by an entire day, please contact customer service at support@MeVidi.com, and we will do our best to help you.

1. Why isn’t my voucher code working?
You’ll receive a Store Credit in your account when you input a voucher code. To use the credit, click “Add Promo Code / Vouchers” and put in your code. Once you click “add” that credit will be applied to your purchase. If a Store Credit does not work properly, please contact customer service. support@MeVidi.com.